Awesome Spacewoman Dance Moves

Stainless Steel Bottle with Bamboo Cap


Bottle bamboo cap.

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Move it! Move it! Move it like you're floating, floating in the Space! Welcome to the Disco Space!

Oh wow! What a move! We are going to call it... the BLACK SWAN! What do you mean a name is not necessary? We NEED a name for all your awesome dance moves. You are really feeling the music right now! Give us another one! Please! Yeah!!!

Listening to a song you love, have you ever felt like you're floating over the dance floor instead of dancing? Like an astronaut in zero gravity! With zero worries! Then, you need this design to show to the world that you float SO HIGH that you need to put your space suit on! Show them what you are capable of when the right music plays!


Stainless Steel, Bamboo


600 ml

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