Sound of Seasons Vinyl Record

Canvas (45 x 45 cm)


Canvas (45x45 cm).

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Tree rings are caused by the weather changes of each season. The tree grows differently if the earth is wet and fertile or if it is dry. If the air is cold or if a strong sun warms the forest. The rings tell us a story and, as all good stories, they have its own soundtrack. The Sound of Seasons.
Obviously, no tree has been harmed to make this design. It has just been imagined by an artist who wanted to illustrate this soundtrack. We think it is amazing, don’t you? Nature is amazing. Let’s show it to the world with this awesome illustration!




Sustainable Wood, Canvas Fabric

Fabric Weight

Premium Quality – 340 g/m² (10.03 oz/yd²)


45cm x 45cm


True Color Print